Coaching – trick or treat?

There are absolutely no tricks in coaching.

In fact, when you get your third sector staff coached, you’ll experience a bag-load of treats. Here are just five of the reasons my current clients are committed to coaching their staff:

  1.  It encourages people to take responsibility for their own learning and actions
  2.  Coaching improves individuals’ performance and therefore results
  3.  Coaching makes people feel valued and appreciated by the organisation, so boosting morale and commitment
  4.  Managers can trust their staff so don’t spend precious time micro-managing and hand holding
  5. Challenges and difficulties can be addressed before they become serious problems.

I coach third sector staff individually and in groups, as well as offering training for charities who want to take a more ‘coachly’ management approach. To have a chat about how coaching can help your third sector organisation, call me on 0208 772 7807 or contact me here.

Happy Halloween!




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