Leaders who lunch support & networking

Leaders Who Brunch

So, at last, it’s happening. Leaders Who Brunch is opening its doors.  I’ve been dreaming about setting up this group for, literally, years because I know how much it’s needed. And finally, here it is.

Leaders Who Brunch is a short, regular, morning meet-up for non-profit leaders just like you – when we’ll get together in an enjoyable and supportive environment to share advice, expertise and inspiration.

Our first meeting is on Wednesday 31 October and I’ll be bringing together a small group of fabulous purpose-led leaders over a delicious breakfast in central London. Join us!

  • We’ll kick off with some nuggets of juicy guidance (from me or another expert) on how to shine in your role.
  • I’ll facilitate you to support each other with advice hot spots, peer coaching or just batting ideas around.
  • Each meet-up will have a theme such as ‘resilience’ or ‘speaking powerfully’ but you can bring any challenge that you would like help with.

Ready to to book? Click here.

Six reasons to come along

  1. Leaders who brunch support & networkingI know it can be lonely and tough at the top and this is a fun, supportive, enlivening antidote to all that pressure
  2. You’ll gain skills, knowledge and attitudes to help you lead in your own unique, fabulous way with confidence and flair
  3. You’ll get to link up with with other brilliant leaders in the sector to share ideas, get support and accountability, explore collaborations and more
  4. You’ll get practical advice on the sticky issues and challenges you face, from your peers and other experts
  5. We’ll be creating a supportive, confidential and non-judgemental breathing space dedicated to you and your development. This is something my one-to-one coaching clients say is invaluable and almost impossible to find in the whirr of daily life.
  6. You’ll go away fired up for a great day at work.

What next?

If you’re a purpose-led leader – of an organisation, a movement, a team or teams – and have been hankering after this kind of support and connection, join me for our very first Leaders Who Brunch meet-up. Wednesday 31 October, from 9 to 10.30 am at Tibits restaurant, Bankside, London SE1. (This meet-up isn’t for providers to the sector – sorry!)

Numbers are limited so click here to book and make sure of your place.

Any questions? Just drop me an email at katie@be-the-change.org.uk or give me a call on 0208 772 7808. It will be great to hear from you.