The A-Z of a great meeting (Part 2)

N is for Non-verbal clues. Show your colleagues you’re listening by using non-verbal messages such as nodding. But not nodding off.

O is for Outcome or Objective – be absolutely clear what success will be before you go into the meeting.

P is for Planning and Practice. Know what you want to say and practice saying it beforehand.  Work out the exact powerful phrases you want to use.

Q is for Query. If you don’t understand something ask for clarification. Chances are others are also confused.

R is for Repetition. If you’re interrupted repeat what you were saying until you’re acknowledged. But steer clear of repeating yourself unnecessarily – people switch off from waffling.

S is for Speaking. Speak slowly and clearly and keep the emotion out of your voice. S is not for shouting or sarcasm. Both bad news.

T is for Time. Come on time. Leave on time. Don’t waste time by going off topic. Never apologise for taking up time.

U is for Unnecessary. Before each meeting ask yourself. ‘Do we really need this meeting? Do I really need to be there?’

V is for Voice. Do your best to project it. Smiling will change the tone of your voice and make you sound more confident.

W is Wit. Use yours. Everyone can be funny and humour is a great communication tool.

X is for Excellence. What we are all striving for.

Y is for YOU. How can you use this meeting to contribute to the organisation’s goals?

Z  is for Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Hopefully not you.

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