The inner game of… tennis

unfreakabilityUnfreakability is the state of having a calm, clear mind which allows you to observe things exactly as they are, and take sensible action.

It’s exactly what Andy Murray needs to reach his goal of holding up the Wimbledon trophy on Sunday.

It was first used in the book, The Inner Game of Tennis, written in 1975 for tennis coaches by Timothy Gallwey. His ideas quickly took off in the business world, and it’s now widely recognised that playing the inner game is key to success in all walks of life – including the third sector.

In any situation there are two games going on, according to Gallwey – the outer game, against physical obstacles (the opponent, our sector’s lack of financial resources, time restraints etc) and the inner game played to overcome self-imposed obstacles which include:

–       self-doubtball

–       lapses in focus

–       resistance to change

–       limited beliefs

–       limiting assumptions.

In his highly successful series (now including The Inner Game of Stress and The Inner Game of Work) he argues that the inner game is the one to focus on, and this is the game to win.

ballI focus on this inner game in all my coaching and workshops. I believe individuals and teams are able to access their true potential only when their inner game is successfully played.

A strong core of unfreakability helps my clients ‘get out of their own way’, whatever else is going on, be it competing deadlines, a difficult colleague, or seeing a complex project through to completion.

Through my one-to-one coaching and workshops, I can help you and your colleagues improve your inner game so you all reach your full potential at work. Please contact me here or call 0208 772 7808 for a no-obligation chat.



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