Why the Olympics is good for the voluntary sector

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This might not be such a great photo – but the moment was a gem – my daughter giving the thumbs up to her day out at the London 2012 Olympics. Who knows what that day did for her, with it’s focus on positivity, team spirit and self belief?

There are many reasons why people are negative about the Olympics – it’s been unbelievably expensive, (especially that fantastic opening ceremony), the feeling that the euphoria can’t possibly last, the ticketing process has been crazy etc etc etc.

Maybe so.

But my feeling is that we may be underestimating the long-term impact such an uplifting and positive experience can have on us as individuals. I’ve been coaching my usual third sector clients all the way through the Games and almost without exception the Olympics have come up as a positive influence for the person I’m working with:


  •  Tony and I began to identify his core values by first exploring what Mo Farah’s might have been. (We reckoned determination, passion and self belief had to be up there).
  • Melanie decided to bring an ambitious career goal forward a year inspired by gold medalist Helen Glover’s four short years of rowing. Who knows what contribution she’ll go on to make to the sector once she reaches that goal.
  • Pam, a coaching mentor told me that volunteering at the Olympics was one of the best weeks of her life. How can that experience not make a positive difference to her as she mentors and trains other coaches like me? (Apparently 40% of people who volunteered for the Olympics had never volunteered before).


Olympic athletes are perfect role models for the attitudes and strategies I help my clients employ to reach their goals and contribute to making the world a better place. If you would like to talk to me about how I can help you or your team reach your goals please contact me here for a no-obligation chat or email katie@be-the-change.org.uk

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