Blue Monday – how to avoid it

It’s Blue Monday today, apparently the most depressing day of the year. I’m not sure I really believe in in – it must be different for everyone, surely…? but here are ten ways to make sure that it’s not blue for you and your third sector colleagues. Some take just twenty seconds but could change the whole feel of your day.

The ten suggestions are based on research about what makes us happy – and they really do work. Small actions, made consciously and positively, can make the difference between feeling low, flat and out of control, or happy and upbeat.

croppedbraces1. Do something that is 100% fun. Have a snowball fight with colleagues at lunch time if you’re in the snowy UK. Watch a classic comedy film this evening. The list is endless

2. Think about the big ‘Why?’ of what you do. Spend a few minutes reminding yourself of the purpose of your organisation, your team, and the reason you want to be part of it

3. Connect with a friend or family member by phone or face-to-face for a proper conversation – texting doesn’t count!

4. Do a good turn. You could tell a colleague they’ve done an outstanding job or make an extra effort to help someone with a problem. They will appreciate it – and you’ ll feel great

5. Learn something new. It might just be spending five minutes working out how to take a screen shot from your computer.  You’ll feel a real sense of achievement

6. Make a note of five things you are grateful for. When you notice the good things in your life you are less likely to feel low

7. Take an action which takes you closer to a long-term goal. Perhaps you want to improve your public speaking – so go ahead and ask a colleague to feed back on your performance in this afternoon’s meeting

8. Notice when you have a choice to make, and take it consciously. Think about what you really want, not what others want of you, what you think you should do or used to do

9. Think useful thoughts. “I did well there”, “What can I learn from that?” “What’s needed now?” You really are what you think about all day. If your thoughts are blue, you’ll be blue.

10. If you don’t manage to do any of these things, that’s OK. Tomorrow is another day.


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