Should I stay or should I go? 11 ways to know

Got itchy feet at work? Happy in your job? Or starting to get itchy feet? Here are some questions to help you decide what to do…

It’s tough to make such a major decision, I know. You’re doing OK at your job. You get on well with the people and you like your team (mostly!). You’re comfortable there. And hey, you’re making a difference.  Some of the time, anyway. And the thought of leaving and starting somewhere new is, well, a bit daunting.

But that voice is still whispering in your ear, isn’t it? “You’ve been here too long. It’s time to move on…”.

I’ve found in my coaching of third sector leaders and their teams, that there are some tell-tale signs that it really is time to go.

So if some or most of these apply to you, maybe it’s time to start – well, applying…!Got itchy feet? It may be time to apply for a new job. Or it may not!

11 ways to know if it’s time to go

  1. You’re not getting up in the morning with at least a modicum of excitement about going into work.
  2. You’re not learning new things and feeling that you’re growing as a person and a professional any more.
  3. You’re not seeing opportunities for doing things differently in your role.
  4. You keep telling people “oh, we’ve tried that…”.
  5. When people ask “so what’s your work?”, you feel an inner sigh, rather than a surge of enthusiasm to tell them what you get up to.
  6. You’re embarrassed to admit how long you’ve been with your organisation (rather than “Oh, I’ve been here nine years now, and it’s just so fascinating I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else!”).
  7. You start justifying to yourself why you’re sticking around – and those reasons have very little to do with the content of the job: “Well, if I stay here another four years, at least I’ll get a sabbatical…. And there’s the pension…”.
  8. You’re staying because you’re just that little bit too comfortable… “Well the hours quite suit me, and I get Fridays off…”. (This could soon become a reason never to leave…until it’s too late.)
  9. You feel a little flame of excitement in your tummy when you hear of people going freelance, and ask them a lot of questions. (This doesn’t mean you have to go freelance too, necessarily – but it’s a hint that you should reconnect with that excitement.)
  10. At the tea and cake leaving do for Neil from Finance, you look at the smile on his face and think ‘he’s not going to miss us’.
  11. And then you think… “Lucky thing.”

Over to you

Do you feel it might be time to move on? What are you telling yourself are your reasons to stay? I’d love to know! You can comment in the ‘reply’ box below.

What next?

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