Five incisive questions for managers

listen more, talk lessGot a one-to-one coming up with one of your team? Line managers don’t have to do all the talking. Here’s five super-powerful questions to help them set goals they’ll want to achieve:

  1. What will achieving this goal give you and the organisation?
  2. How will it get you closer to your bigger, overall goal?
  3. If you don’t achieve this goal how will you feel?
  4. What is within your control when it comes to this goal?
  5. What might hold you back?

Don’t rush through these. Another cracking question is ‘What else?’ asked after each of the above. Help your staff member step right into what success will mean and explore how important it is to them.

Let people set their own inspiring, meaningful goals, within the context of organisational ones, and watch them achieve.

More coachly questions tomorrow.


Katie Duckworth helps third sector organisations to support their managers to bring out the very best in their teams. If you’d like to talk to me about how I can support your managers, give me a call me on 0208 772 7808 or contact me here for a no-obligation chat.




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