Five more great questions for managers

Here’s part three of  my ‘Listen more, talk less’ guide for third sector managers on having a really successful one-to-one:

These five powerful questions will help your reports explore options for action:listen more, talk less

  1. So, what could you do now that would move you one step closer to your goal?
  2. If you knew you couldn’t fail what would you do?
  3. How will that help you reach your overall goal?
  4. What’s missing?
  5. What do you need from me to help you take the next step?

Do your best not to provide your own answers. By staying with the open, coachly questions you’ll be challenging your report to challenge themselves. You may be totally surprised by what they want and can achieve.


Katie Duckworth helps third sector organisations to support their managers to bring out the very best in their teams. If you’d like to talk to me about how I can support your managers, give me a call me on 0208 772 7808 or contact me here for a no-obligation chat.



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