How to thrive in your role and beyond


I’ve coached some fantastic third sector clients in the past few years. Some have been managers, others leaders, some striving to be leaders. Others have become aware of their leadership potential through coaching.

And I’ve coached all personalities too – flamboyant extroverts, quiet introverts, powerful orators, gentle persuaders. Each one of them bringing a unique set of skills, talents and gifts to their role.

But it isn’t these signature strengths themselves that have created success, I don’t think. Over the years, I’ve found that what makes some people successful and able to truly shine is the willingness (eagerness, even) to assess their strengths, weaknesses, habits, beliefs and values with rigorous honesty – and do whatever it takes to improve, learn and grow.

I’m working with a talented client right now who’s very focused on moving into a leadership role.  We’re aware that decision-making isn’t a strong point so he’s put it on project status. He’s practising making quick decisions at home and at work, to get that decision-making muscle working and committing to an opinion on live decisions his manager is about to make. Next, we’ll identify his top core values so that decision-making from a place of ease and authenticy become second nature.


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