It’s all about people

Reading the new Third Sector/nfpSynergy State of the Sector report on a crowded rush-hour tube recently, I was struck by the answers to the question ‘what makes for an effective charity?’

Not surprisingly, ‘quality of work and/or services’ comes out top. This is after all what we are all here for. But ‘ability to attract, develop and retain top talent’, down to 18% from 28% in 2009..? What’s that all about?

As I awkwardly manoeuvred myself away from someone’s elbow, I wondered, isn’t it people who deliver high quality work and services? People who come up with the inspiring vision and make the values a reality? People who do the innovative fundraising and marketing which keeps it all going? Roughly one in fifty people on my tube would have been heading for a job in the charity sector. If we’d got stuck in a tunnel for an hour, that work simply wouldn’t be getting done.

When I got to my destination I asked my third sector coaching client what would help her consistently deliver the best possible work. She was very clear – to feel truly valued by her employer, invested in and developed to reach her true potential.

Through my one-to-one coaching and training, I can support your staff reach their full potential and deliver excellence. Contact me here to explore how I can help you.

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