Make it up – make it happen

The pressure is on me at the moment. And it’s all of my own making!

At a recent training day, I challenged participants from the charity I was working with to choose a task they’d been procrastinating on and make a pledge to the group about when they would get it done. I found myself promising to update my website by the time we met for the follow-up workshop. Needless to say, it’s quite a job, and I’ve been meaning to do it for quite a while.

So how am I going to make sure I put my money where my mouth is and get it done? Here’s three things I will be doing:

1. Making it up – when you step into the positive results of your action, as if you are have already done it, you get massively more motivated. So, I’ll be creating a powerful image in my head of how an enhanced website is going to benefit me and my clients, what I’ll be feeling (thrilled!), what people will be saying to me once the job is done, (“great website, Katie” etc, etc) – and keeping focused on that lovely vision.

2. Turning the pain into pleasure – I’ll  be considering how I can I turn the pain of doing it (it takes a long time, I’m not really a techie, there are things I’d rather do, I’ve tried before and made a mess of it etc, etc) into pleasure. The group have promised ‘admiration and cake’ which is a great reward but I shall also be focusing on how fantastic it will feel when I’ve achieved something so challenging to me. If I keep focusing on the pain, I can guarantee it won’t get it done.

3. Thinking thoughts which serve me – our thoughts have a huge impact on the results we go on to get. If I think to myself that “I am learning to handle WordPress easily and effortlessly” I will get better results than if I think “I am no good at anything to do with technology.” Read more about the power of thoughts here, ( in this instance at the top of a cliff-face).

These are just three of the steps which I’ll be taking from the many effective strategies I encourage my clients to adopt to be super-effective in their work.

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