My vision for 2013

There’s no doubt that 2013 will be a tough year for the third sector. We all know about the 20% fall in donations and that one in six organisations fears closure in 2013 (and not because they are no longer needed.) Yes, it’s going to be a year of struggle, there’s no question.

At the same time, I see encouraging developments on the people side of our business. If I could wave a magic wand for 2013 I’d like to see these three strands continue to grow:

Great leadership

I’m encouraged by the increasing focus on a new kind of leadership in the sector. Our organisations need visionary, value-led and authentic leaders who know how to create winning teams and bring them through difficult times. We have no shortage of this type of leader (see the Guardian’s profile on Oxfam’s Barbara Stocking) and I look forward to more coming through.


A growing coaching culture

I see an increasingly recognition of the value of a coaching approach, as charities tackle income generating challenges . It’s good to see managers being trained in coaching techniques so they can bring out the very best in themselves and their people.

The need to engage

Linked to leadership style is a better understanding that staff and volunteers stick around, perform and engage because they have good reason to. They are valued, listened to and trusted, and given opportunities to learn and grow.

My feeling as is that all of us who volunteer and work in this sector have to hold our nerve. We must value ourselves, be positive about our purpose and role, and become even better at communicating these clearly. Most of all we have to be brave, continuing to embrace innovation and take risks. I believe we will come out the other side, better able to serve the communities we are there for.


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