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Workplace conflict: how to nip it in the bud

You’ve noticed things don’t seem too cheery in the office. There’s palpable tension in the Comms team and you’re beginning to wonder what on earth is going on. Did Hannah really walk out of the room the minute Sam walked in last week? And that sniping in the yesterday’s meeting! What was that all about? […]

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Strong and stable or weak and wobbly?

I was talking with one of my coaching clients yesterday. She’s the director of a social enterprise in Manchester and was sharing how challenged she’d been by how to ‘be’ with her team after the recent terrorist attack.  I really felt for her. There was a lot of anxiety and disbelief in the office and she […]

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Loneliness at work – what you can do

A while ago I worked for a large UK charity where I shared space with four colleagues in a bright, well-equipped office. There were dozens of others working on my floor. The organisation employed hundreds of people around the country. And yet, I was thoroughly lonely. On paper, the job was perfect, but sharing an office with heads-down introverts where […]

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