duvet session

Give me space! Why I like my clients to take a duvet day

Breathing space is important

Do you ever have ‘off’ days at work? Days when you’re unfocused, your brain is a fog and you’re not on top of things? Days when you wish you could just crawl back under the duvet? 

I’m sure you do. We’re not robots!

Well, when my third sector coaching clients show up to a one-to-one session like this, that’s exactly what I invite them to do. I offer them a ‘duvet’ session* so they can get some breathing space.

A duvet session is their ‘get out of jail free’ card. They can decide, then and there, to miss the planned coaching session without forfeiting it. No questions asked.

Some of my colleagues say I’m way too nice. If my clients aren’t in a state to make the most of coaching, that’s a problem they have to solve. After all, everyone signs my contract saying they need to give 24 hours notice to postpone or cancel.

Get a little breathing space with a duvet session

But I disagree.

Here’s my thinking

I know that every single one of my coaching clients is committed, focused and 100% on the case. (These days, I don’t work with anyone who doesn’t want to create big change.) So if they’re a bit flaky one day, there will be a very good reason.

Maybe there’s an exceptional amount going on at work that’s causing their brain to fry and another coaching session would just add to the pressure. Perhaps they’re a little fragile after a well-deserved Big Night Out. Maybe there are challenges at home leaving them less resilient than usual. Of course, we could coach around these issues, and we may do in the future, but sometimes, what they really need right in that moment is a little breathing space.

I’m not judgemental.  As long as I’ve seen the commitment to creating change (and I nearly always have) they can have the duvet session.  They can use it to take some much-needed R&R, catch up at work or go and do something completely different.

By giving them this option, I’m actually showing my clients that I expect an enormous amount from them when they do show up ready to work. I absolutely know they’ll be present, focused and prepared, and ready to put their all into reaching the goals they have set for themselves and their organisations. 

*all my clients get one duvet session, after that, normal service resumes!

Over to you

What do you do on days when you just need a little extra space? Do you give yourself what you need, or push through and hope for the best? I’d love to know your thoughts about taking a (literal or metaphorical) duvet session, and whether this is something you’d offer someone in your team who needs some breathing space. Do let me know in the comments below!

What next?

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