Motivation: five easy ways to lose it


#1. You stop focusing on your goal

When you lose sight of where you’re going it’s tricky to keep moving forward with any purpose. Motivation needs a clear motive.

#2. You don’t have an action plan

No milestones to aim for; no way of knowing what to do next; no sense of progress – any drive you once had for your project will dwindle away fast.

#3. You get distracted by the easy wins

Small, irrelevant jobs make you feel you’re getting through your ‘to do’ list but they take up time and energy. High value tasks that propel you towards your goals are the real motivators.

#4. You procrastinate

This is the very best way to put a spanner in the works. Procrastination drains you, makes you feel guilty and robs you of that fabulous feeling of completing a task in a creative and timely way.

#5. You listen to ‘dream killers’

There will always be people who don’t believe in you or your project – and will be keen to tell you why. Their words may resonate with your own private fears and, in an instant, make you doubt yourself. It’s tough to keep going if you don’t believe you’ll ever succeed.



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