Now or later? The best time to work with a coach


When’s the right time to get coaching for your third sector staff?

When David is under-performing so badly he’s about to lose his job? When Leila is totally fed up, demotivated and desperate to leave? When tensions and disagreements in the team are taking up hours of your precious time?

Certainly, organisations often bring in a coach “to sort things” out and it can be very effective. Performance improves. Disillusioned staff rediscover their purpose and energy. Calm is restored.

But the very best time to bring in a coach is before any of this happens. Early coaching can save your organisation money and help you meet organisational goals faster.

Basically, coaching helps people to be better at their jobs – to thrive, to contribute their very best to the organisation – in short, to shine. You can help them do this from Day One.

A great time to coach your people is:

– when they love their job!

– the first 90 days in a new leadership or management post

– when they have a specific deadline-driven project coming up

– when a staff member has risen to a few challenges and seems to have what it takes to do even better

– if they are performing well, but need to work on a specific area such as confidence or life balance

– as a reward for talented staff members to keep them motivated and on board.

When you see coaching as an investment (rather than a sticky plaster) you will reap massive rewards for your organisation. Instead of waiting for failure, keep your eye out for success and help your people create even more of it.



Coaching can help you and your staff meet specific goals, upgrade overall performance, develop leadership skills, increase confidence and improve communication, and more.

If you would like to talk to Katie Duckworth about investing in you or in your third sector team please contact me here for a no-obligation chat.




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    Fiona McAlister

    Nice blog, Katie. Keep adding them in. x

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    Katie Duckworth

    Hi Fiona, what did you particularly like about the blog?